Tai Chi

Tai Chi Ch’uan is a 1000 year old system of exercise known world wide for its health benefits. Dubbed as “moving meditation”, Tai Chi is effective in reducing stress and relieving chronic pain. Practicing Tai Chi will also improve your balance and energy level.

The Tai Chi program here at Edgewater Kung Fu is based on the Yang style and includes Yang Long Form, Self Defense & Martial Arts applications of the form, Tai Chi push hands, Yang Simplified Form.

Our Tai Chi classes consist of warm ups, gentle stretching and breathing exercises, along with the practice of Tai Chi forms, leaving our students feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Schedule in some time for yourself. Some de-stressing, breathing, energy boosting time. Of course, Tai Chi is a wonderful way to do all that and in a very short time space.

Our new class schedule now has a special Beginner’s Class and it’s great even for “not beginners” to get back into the swing! Feel free to start there even if you are not a “first timer.”

Come to try any of our scheduled classes. Everyone is welcome and please wear comfortable clothes.

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