Get ready for an intense non-stop 45 minute burn. A fun alternative to your everyday workout! Not only will you get a great cardiovascular workout, but you will also learn self-defense skills based on centuries-old martial arts techniques. You will learn counters to locks, grabs, pushes, punches and kicks, as well as close and long range techniques. Sign up today!


  • Sifu Romain
    Owner, Master Instructor
  • Lao Sher Robinson
    Chief Instructor, Disciple of Sifu Romain


  • great core and upper body training
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • learn self-defense
  • speed training
  • create muscle tone
  • increase flexibility and coordination
  • build self-confidence

Pricing Plan

  • FREE
    Introductory Class*
  • $ 59.00
    10 Classes*
  • $ 29.00
    3 Classes*
  • $ 25.00
    1 Class (Drop-In)

* Pricing applies to first-time students only.